Scarf opinion needed

I am using this stitch pattern, but wanted to do it as a long thin scarf. Probably about 5 inches wide. I played with the stitch pattern last night and it is not reversible. (The pattern is for a baby blanket)

So, would you wear a wrap around scarf that was not reversible or would it bug you?


I’ve made a lot of scarves that aren’t reversible. I’d prefer if they were but I wear them anyway.

So many of the very popular patterns like the Clapotis are not reversible.

I guess it’s what you would be comfortable with.

It wouldn’t matter to me I think it is a nice pattern and you should do it x x

I woulsd say there are many more scarf patterns which are not reversible then which are.

Yep, many scarf patterns aren’t reversible. I don’t think it’s that big a deal really.

for me it doesn’t have to be reversible, I’m just mindful of how I put it on if I want to show off my workmanship :happydance: