Scarf loom

I just bought a small scarf loom (18 pegs each side) and I was wondering if I can use it to make a baby blanket? If so anybody have or know where to find some good patterns?

No idea about patterns because I’d have no idea where to look up anything about those loom patterns. I do think it’d be easy to make a baby blanket though. Just make as many “scarves” as you want width and seam or crochet them together.

There are quite a few places to look for loom patterns…try these to start

also, if you’re on ravelry…there’s a “group” for that:roflhard:

I think Lion’s website may have some patterns for loom knitting, but don’t know if there’s any for blankets or that narrow a loom.

and I’m pretty sure www.knittingpatterncentral has a listing for loom knitting, too.