Scarf length?

I’m making scarves to put in Christmas stockings. (Don’t usually shop early, but have 10 to make and no time for knitting on Christmas Eve, so had to start these now!)
Many of the patterns I’ve looked at say to knit until desired length, or just say to use 1-2 skeins. I’m already at 61"/155cm on a woman’s Multidirectional Diagonal scarf ( ) I started on Monday and am nowhere near the end of a 200g ball of Marble Chunky.

Are there general guidelines to follow for best scarf length, for men & women?

I’ve already made the Extra Warm Men Scarf (, just need to weave ends in. It suggested a finished length of 71"/180cm - exactly what I had at the end of 2 100g balls of Bernat Satin.

It’s really personal choice. If you don’t know how long the intended recipients prefer then I’d go with about 65-70 inches. I see you’re in Canada so that’s probably enough to fold in half and stuff the ends through the loop around the neck making it double and nice and warm.

BTW…I made a sweater with Marble Chunky…I love it!

Thanks Jan!
That’s exactly how I thought it might be worn (folded in half & ends pulled through), so was thinking it might be almost done.

This is the first time I’ve used Marble Chunky. Started the scarf in the recommended needle size, but though it was kind of stiff so went larger. Now it drapes and I love how soft it feels!
Was just considering it for a sweater, and maybe even a blanket.

I used a US 9 for my sweater and the fabric is nice. I don’t like it stiff either.

I normally make the scarf as long as the person is tall. That way they have optimal wrapping length, but then again I like my super long scarves.

I make my scarfs the same as the height of the person. Which, I think, is the same as from fingertip to fingertip with the arms extended out at your sides (like a cross.)

I generally aim for about 60", unless the scarf is for a very tall person. I just chose this length because it’s about up to my nose and it’s easy to measure because of that.