Scarf Lenghth?

Ok I’m not a total beginner but I have recently started knitting a scarf ot use up some extra yarn I had lying around. Now I know scarves are usually just “work until you get the length you want” But how long do you usually make a scarf? What I currently have done is 51 inches…is that to long? Thanks for the help


Not to be a broken record, but really it is just personal preference. How do you like to wear your scarves? If you need a short one just for sticking in the top of a coat, then 51 inches is to long. But, if you like to wear them doubled or hanging , then 51 inches is a good length. There are no wrong answers for this question!

Congratulations on finishing and enjoy your scarf!:yay:

Thanks for the help. Though I don’t think I’ll be wearing this scarf :aww:…I think I’ll more be just putting it in a box to say I did it. I have a box of different projects I’ve done…

Well, I just knit a scarf for my DH and I just kept trying it on. I stopped when it was as long as I liked to wear it, which ended up being probably just a tad too short for DH although he will never admit it. I probably could have gone one or two more pattern repeats (8 or 16 rows). Anyway, it ended up being about 40". I think that 51" would have been better for him, and just fine for me.