Scarf is curling

I just started knitting. Yesterday I learned to purl. Excting, but here’s my problem. I started my scarf with knit one stitch purl one stitch. Then my friend suggested I use that pattern as the bottom of the scarf and start knitting one row then purling one row. So after about 10 rows, I started that. Here’s the problem, my scarf is now curling and I hate it. Is there a way to stop the curling, or to fix the curling after it has begun? I hate the thought of ripping it out, so if there is a remedy, I’d love to learn it.

Thanks for your help.



Anything done in stockinette (knit one row, purl one row) stitch will curl, it’s just the way it is…If you want to avoid the curling, you could add a border to the edges of the scarf…I don’t know of a way to fix it after it has been knitted but if you’re not too far along, you could rip it and start over this time adding a border at the scarf edge (by border, something like just the knit stitch for a few stitches or a seed stitch or something before you switch to stockinette).

That’s sad to hear. I did start and begin with a knit stitch on each row, because it was easier then purling on the first stitch, but not enough to make it a border. Guess I’ll have to rip it out…dang. Wonder why anyone would do that stitch then, is there any value to curling?

Thanks for your help.


The curling isn’t a problem when you seam pieces of stockinette fabric together, but, if there is no seaming involved the curling will be a problem…Oh, there is something you could do but it would involve making another scarf identical to what you’re making now…You could make 2 scarves and sew them together, but, that would probably be more work than ripping it and starting over with either a border or different stitch…lol

Sure there is a value to it. For instance if you want it to curl like a roll brim hat or the neck, sleeves and bottom of a sweater. Or you could create a partial curl for ruffly effect…lots of uses. :thumbsup:

I should also point out that if you are knitting with acrylic or mostly acrylic blocking won’t be permanent and it may or may not work as well as wool. And don’t steam it as it “kills” the acrylic unless that is the look you want. Blocking by using a wet towel or spray bottle and then pinning it out will get it flat enough to seam more easily.

That happened to me so many times!..I wonder if you can pick up stitches along the edge and make a border…but then, you’d have to do this for the entire length of the scarf…

I just ripped it out to where I ended my purl one stitch, knit one stitch. Besides it being a pretty stitch, it will give me much needed practice with switching stitches.

Thanks to everyone who gave me their insights and help.


See the 'Is your Stockinette curling?’ thread

This is the only reason I learned how to crochet a border when I started knitting.

It’s just the physics of stockinette stitch; here’s a better explanation

I just has my second knitting lesson and we’re making a hat. Now I love the way the bottom curls up to make the brim. So much to learn. Thanks to everyone who helped me out.

Thanks :]