Scarf in two colors

[color=green]I just started knitting and have become addicted! I’ve been keeping it simple practicing on scarves mainly. My sister taught me how to knit, but she is a beginner as well.

I want to try a scarf with two colors, very simple, just 10-15 rows of one color then 10-15 rows of another color. I wanted to try the fair isle method, but I’m not sure how to cast on with it. I also read in a book about a method where you carry the color you aren’t using along the side of the project till you need it, but the book didn’t explain how to do that. This is the method I would like to use. Just tying the ends of the yarn together in the middle of the project makes me nervous! I don’t want loose strings everywhere on my scarf!

Any help is very much appreciated.[/color] :smiley:

Fair isle isn’t for color changes by row, but for color changes by stitches within the row.

When you knit several rows with different colors, you CO with one color, knit your rows, then just start working with the other color, and carry the first color along your edge, catching it in the loop when you turn at the end of the row.

When you tie two colors together, either at the end of the row or in the middle of it, you don’t just leave the ends hanging out, but weave them into the stitches next to the knot.