Scarf in silk/bamboo/soy?


I have got some silk yarn, it’s almost 100% silk (98% or so), some 100% bamboo and some soy (tofutsies).

I thought about what to knit with it, and I have made almost only scarves up until now, so I thought about a scarf, but wouldn’t the silk (or the other materials) look quite bad and out of shape in a scarf?

I thought I might associate silk, bamboo and soy into a nice “alternative” scarf…

Any opinions or experiences with those yarns? Or suggestions?

I knit a scarf with handspun 100% bamboo yarn, and it definitely lost its shape and got very stretched out. I didn’t realize that would happen before I knit it. I haven’t tried it again; I use blends now. So I don’t have a good suggestion for a fix. But maybe knitting with two yarns together, one bamboo and one another fiber, would help.