Scarf Ideas

Hi All,
I purchased some 100% Cashmere yarn about a year ago. I just started to knit and purchased about 100 yards. (2 balls@ 45.00 each)
At the time, I thought it would be enough to do a scarf. I guess I was wrong.
Does anyone have or know of a simple scarf pattern that is not just a garter stitch? It’s a bulky weight yarn so I can use larger needles, but want to make it for me and don’t want it too lacy or feminine.
HELP! :hair:

Maybe one of these?

The pictures on the last one especially is awful, but it’s actually a nice pattern. Here’s a couple of mine so you can see them in other yarn.
One Row Scarf made with Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Worsted (one row handspun from Yarn Harlot, but mine isn’t handspun)

My scrunchable made with Plymouth Encore

You could do cables, but they do take up more yarn.

Have you considered knitting a neckwarmer instead of a full scarf? Here are a few ideas if you’re interested.

In addition to Jan’s suggestions, a very similar scarf is the Mistake Rib scarf.
Wendy’s scarf is made out of 2 - 55 yd. skeins of cashmere.

I’m making the One Row Scarf too right now and it’s a great quick knit.

Thanks all for your great pattern ideas.
I tried and did a swatch all your patterns Jan to see how it would turn out. I first did it with some acrylic yarn on smaller needles and all your patterns Jan looked great. Then I decided to try it on the Cashmere, and I think that they yarn is too bulky. None of the patterns looked all that great. I first did it with 11 needles (it calls for 10.5) and it looked too loose. Then I did it on 10.5 needles and it still didn’t look all that great.
I even tried a double moss stitch rib, and it looked great in the smaller gauge yarn and needles. But when I tried it on the bulkier yarn it just didn’t look right as well.
I think that I am either going to try a broken rib stitch as Cinn Girl suggested or I may try to do a double moss stitch. Something easy and simple.
But this pattern looks interesting. I guess that it will yield a 50" scarf.