Scarf ideas?

I’m going to knit a scarf for a friend for Christmas, and I’m having some issues finding a pattern. She lives in a pretty temperate climate, so I don’t want to do something too heavy (so no 100% wool). She also loves variegated yarn, so I’d like to use that too (which is hard for me, because that’s not my preference - I’d rather use a plain yarn and complicated stitch pattern, but hey, this isn’t my scarf :slight_smile: )

Any ideas on a pattern and/or yarn I should use? What would be a good yarn that isn’t too warm - bamboo? silk? hemp?


bamboo i think thats quite a good one for lighter knits, and if u did a lace scarf i think that would be even lighter.

there 2 ideas 4 ya.

This works well in an open lace - (use a size or two larger needle then you would normally for lace )
It also holds uop well to variagation in the yarn colour.

multiples of 4 +3

EVERY row is k3,*YO, k2tog, k2; (repeat from * across)

Here are free scarf patterns sorted by yarn type.


I just did a feather and fan scarf for my best friend, with a variegated yarn, and it turned out beautifully. She lives in Portland, so I used SWTC Karaoke (50% wool, 50% soy silk) which would probably be too warm for your friend. I’m doing a feather and fan stole in bamboo and it’s coming out great, and very light and airy.

Little Lacey scarf from Last Minute Gifts. Since she really isn’t going to be using it to keep warm, it would be a stylish and light alternative. The pattern uses Rowan Kidsilk, but I think it would be pretty in other yarns too. I would avoid making a big, multi-wrapping sort of scarf.