Scarf How-to

I am making a scarf for a friends birthday, about how much yarn should I expect to use up when making a scarf about 5 ft. long and 9 inches wide? I want the gauge to be comfy, not tight (I have to make it in a weak, tight would be murder) and not loose (I want it to be very warm.)

Any suggestions?

I made my own pattern for a scarf, its 30 stitches wide and hangs comfortably to my waist, and all together I think I used around 160 yards. I would measure it, but I dont have a tape measure. :roll: But really, I think it all depends on your pattern. Your best bet would be to just buy a couple skeins of the yarn you’re using and buy more if you need it, and if you have leftovers, just put them in your stash for a rainy day.

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You can always look at scarf patterns, such as on lionbrand or knittingpatterncentral, find something in a size/style comparable to yours, and see how much yarn they state is needed.


yeah they generally say 3 or 4 skeins. thanks for the help anyway.

Now I have another question, I’ve found a great pattern, but it is worked lengthwise on circular needles.

Are there just longer needles for such an endeavor or is there some way to keep the work intact after it slips off the other end of the needle ? I’m certain 145 stitches won’t stay on the needles I’ve got right now.

try this calculator

Most straight needles are available in 2 sizes – short is about 10 inches and long is about 14 inches. I read somewhere that you can get 16 inch needles. I have squished tons of stitches on my long straights but I think you’d be much more comfortable using circular needles for all those stiches.