Scarf help!


I’m a beginner and I have a questions about knitting a scarf. I want to have “V” design on both sides of the scarf. How can I do this?


What do you mean by “V”? Stockinette by chance?

If so, then you could make your scarf double the desired width and then fold it and seam up the sides, top, and bottom.

Or you could knit it in the round and seam the top and bottom.

Hope that helps!

Only with Double Knitting, which I wouldn’t recommend if this is one of your first projects. You could also do circular knitting, but it would create a hollow tube, not a single flat piece.

An alternative might be to work it in k1, p1 ribbing. It contracts to look basically like V’s on both sides. Use needles that are 2 sizes smaller than recommended for your yarn, when working ribbing.

FYI, all of these techniques will require twice as much knitting to get the same size scarf as one knit in garter stitch or seed stitch. …and remember to avoid doing your scarf in stockinette stitch, because it will curl.

Hope that helps!


By “V” I mean that each individual stitch looks like a “V” (not a ‘V’ pattern).



One more (dumb) question. When you say K1, P1 - does that mean Knit one row, then Purl one row. Or does it mean knit one stitch, and purl one stitch?


I think she means K1 stitch, P1 stitch :wink:

But I could be wrong …

Hi, There is no such thing as a dumb question. If you don’t know then ask that’s how we learn.

When i started to knit i ask the same question that you ask and a lot more.

Happy Knitting and let us know how your scarf turned out.

Yes, jk, that’s the kind of V’s I’m talking about. It sounds like you may be thinking of stockinette stitch, but that actually doens’t have V’s on the back, only on the front. You don’t want to use it for a scarf, because it will curl.

Check out the Basic Techniques/ More page, for videos that show and describe how to make stockinette stitch, ribbing, and other basic stitches.

My suggestion was to do ribbing. Knit a stitch, then purl a stitch, repeat over an even number of stitches.

Happy knitting!
Amy :slight_smile:

This thread reminds of a week or two ago when there was a thread about someone’s stockinette scarf curling.
I had suggested tubular knitting to eliminate curl and to have it look like stockinette on both sides. Tubular, not circular, knitting is what I meant. I learned how to do this in the Reader’s Digest Handbook of Knitting (this was the same book we were looking at for double-stitch, too, remember?)
Anyway, with tubular knitting, it is done with just one ball of yarn. The bottom and sides remain closed, as will the top edge at the time of bind off. It produces a double-thickness fabric, so in that way it is like double knitting. However, if you use this technique you can make a scarf that is double thickness, stockinette on both sides, and non-curling. All this without the hassle of keeping track of two balls of yarn, or even worse, making a scarf twice the regular length, folding in half and seaming (ugh).
I think I put the instructions in one of my posts in that thread. I tried out a swatch of it myself, and it’s really cool. Basically, you slip every other stitch as if to purl, with the yarn in front. You knit the alternate stitches. On the other row you knit the ones that were slipped and slip the ones that were knit on the previous row.
While it’s not exactly a beginner technique, it’s very, very useful!
I suppose one could make a bag doing this, because just for fun I pulled my needle out of my swatch to see what was happening. Up to the point of binding off at the end, you basically have a bag. If the bindoff was done on alternate stitches on the first bind-off row, then another row of binding off, I thiiiiiiiiiiiiiink it would result in one end being open.
But we were talking about scarves and I went off on a tangent, didn’t I?
Anyway, try this tubular knitting if you’re interested. It’s fun.

Thanks for your tips! For my first project I’m doing a scarf in garter stitch. The next one will be the “V” (k1, p1). I appreaciate your help!!!