Scarf Help!

Hi! this is my first time knitting a scarf (and wanting to finish it xD). I want to do an alternating pattern with a closed checker stitch ( and a stockinette stitch or ribbing stitch. I know that stockinette stitch curls really bad (from experience) so would a ribbing stitch be better? And also, if i alternate from two different stitch types, would it make the scarf vary in width depending on the stitch type? And last question, is there anything i should know about a closed checker stitch? (does it curl or anything?)

Thank you very much!!

Well, if you are going to use the ribbing as an edge/border keep in mind that it will draw in some; you could also use garter or seed (moss) stitch as an alternative edging (although garter stitch splays a little at the cast on/off edge).

Alternating between a rib stitch and the closed checker stitch you mentioned will create some width difference, since the rib stitch can draw in itself. Try doing a swatch with the two stitches together to see what best works out for you.

It’s probably not a bad idea to put 2 or 3 sts of garter at each edge to help it lie flay.