Scarf Has Hole In Middle How do I repair?

Last year I knitted a scarf for my 5 year-old niece as a Christmas gift. I used homespun yarn and knitted in garter stich. The scarf is about 30 inches long and about 7 inches wide. She took it to school and a classmate somehow tore a hole in the middle of the scarf which was about two inches around. I gently pulled the “tails” and the hole seems to have become much smaller. One tail is about 6 inches long; the other is about 4 inches long. Now what? Can I somehow weave in the ends and salvage the scarf? I hate to pitch it if it can be repaired somehow. I’ve decided to be a brave knitter in 2009, so I’m willing to try anything. Also, I have extra yarn in this color and lot if that helps in any way.
Thanks in advance for you help ladies!!:slight_smile:

You can probably weave it. Knitty has an excellent article on how to do that and knitting repairs in general here:

Hi Marriah,
I clicked on the link you suggested and it looks like I have several options which will work to repair my niece’s scarf. Thanks for the help!! Have a Great Day.

If weaving doesn’t work there’s always duct tape.

Mason–:roflhard: Duct tape is great for everything!