Scarf - good length and width would be?

Hi I want to make a scarf using Patons Twister yarn and I was just wondering what the normal width and lenth for a scarf would be? I’m thinking of casting on maybe 15 - 20 stitches and I have no idea how long? It is being made for a friend and I have no idea how she wears scarves. Any suggestions would be helpful. Teri

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These days it seems that anything and everything goes. I was looking at the scarf section at work one night and it seemed that every possible combination was there. Long or short, skinny or wide, even a couple types of keyhole scarves as well as various cowls.

I would take into account how you think the person might wear it. If your climate is mild, a more decorative scarf is in order. If you have a cold climate, something that offers a little more protection from the elements is a good choice. Also, how much of the yarn do you have? That will also dictate how many options you have.

A longer scarf gives you more options as to how to wear it…I dont like my scarves TOO wide…4.5 - 5 inches MAX, but its really a personal preference! Is there any way to find out in a sneaky-sneaky way?