Scarf from Grey's Anatomy?

a week ago i saw a guy in a restaurant wearing a really cool scarf. i was seated pretty far away but it looked like really thick yarn knitted lengthwise in garter. but i wasn’t too sure.

i started rewatching grey’s anatomy from season 1. i just hit episode five where izzy throws a ‘meet-my-boyfriend’ party without meredith’s knowledge. meredith was actually wearing what seems like the same scarf i saw on the guy… just in different colors.

i tried to get screen shots of it but for some reason they aren’t working.

i did find a clip on youtube: but everything is so dark… it’s almost impossible to see any details on her scarf.

if anyone is familiar with it… i’m looking for a pattern and maybe yarn suggestions.

thanks! :muah:

That is so funny! I was watching that very same episode last night and I saw the same thing and thought - thats a cool looking scarf! I got hooked earlier this year and am now catching up on the past!