Scarf for cancer patient-colorful

I was told to make a scarf for a seriously ill cancer patient…it should be colorful. Dont know wht colors to use. If any of you hav e suggestions it would be appreciated. It is not breast cancer…but a very serious cancer in the abdomen…thank you the person is in 40s

Do you have any idea what colors the recipient likes?

I was told to make it colorful like yellows, reds, etc. Also thank you for a reply.

Strong bright colors were the first thing that came to mind for me but that probably reflects a personal preference, too. I would go the the store or to your stash and put a few colors together and see what appeals. It could be as easy as stripes knit either the short way across or you could cast on a large number of stitches and knit the scarf with stripes running the length of the scarf.

I agree with Salmonmac. Just find some nice colors that look good together. The point is to probably make the recipient feel cheerful and loved.

Since the request came to you, I would advise that you check with your own [I]gut feeling[/I] on this. Check out your stash and feel what might be right for this, or go to a yarn store and do the same. Don’t take too long at it. Gut feelings work quickly, and you need to pick something before the logic brain starts talking. and ENJOY!