Scarf curling into a tube

Jeepers I feel frustrated! I just finished a beautiful scarf and it will not lay flat. Please advise!

Is it all stockinette? Stockinette curls naturally, it’s just the nature of the beast. It needs to have a border to lay flat. At the top of the forum list is a sticky thread called “Is your stockinette curling?” and it has lots of suggestions.

not sure. I just knit and purl. I am so thankful for any help:)

Stockinette (when knitting flat) is when you alternate knit rows and purl rows. Check out the sticky thread for suggestions. :slight_smile:

The curse of the Stockinette- you’ll learn to hate it.

No, you don’t learn to hate it… you learn to accept its nature.

Now for your curling scarf.


fold in half (lengthwise,) seam (to make a long tube.

the ends will still curl a bit, but not too much… an edging (knit on, crocheted on or a a sewn on beaded trim will fix the ends

work a knit or crocheted edging all around the scarf.

pick up stitches, or knit separtly and sew on.

block will help on a little bit.

stocking knit curls… learn to use the curl, (see amanda blair browns ruffle scarf (in scarf style) its uses the tendency to curl beautifully.

there are other other examples, too, of using stocking knits nature…

Don’t fight it… accept, and be happy!

Here is the “sticky thread” everyone is referring to:

Stockinette needs a border to keep it from curling. I usually do a few knit stitches on both sides, to give it an edge that will not curl.