Scarf curling in on itself

I just finished my first scarf (woo-hoo!) and I’m so happy. The only problem is that it keeps curling in on itself. In other words, if you hold the scarf lengthwise, the edges roll in until it’s almost circular.

I’m guessing this is because my stitch is too tight, but is there any way to fix this problem after the project is done? I’ve already cast-off.

Thanks in advance!

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It sounds like it’s stockinette and stockinette curls. It’s the nature of the beast. The only way to tame it is to knit edges into it when you’re doing it. Usually 4-5 rows of garter, seed stitch or some other non-curling stitch is what you need.

At this point I’m not sure you can correct it so you may just need to learn to love it curled. You could also try crocheting a couple rows along the edge, but that doesn’t always work that well.

There is a sticky thread in the “How-to Forum” at the top of the page. It has ideas for this issue, too.

It’s quite a common problem when you knit in stokinette stitch.

You can find the answer here:


Thanks so much for the advice, I’ll have to keep it in mind on my next project!

I just finished a part lace and part stockinette stitch scarf and I even did a 4 stitch garter-stitch border at the beginning and at the end of every row and it still curls. I guess It’s hard to keep any stockinette project from curling.

Yep, mine is lace on really big needles with 2 sts in garter on each edge and it curls too.

I know it sounds crazy but put it under your sheet with a towel on top so that it lies flat and then sleep on it a few nights. It will flatten it out - it wont make the curl disappear but will work almost like pressing it without causing the stretch that an iron will produce!

Sounds like how a lot of things get blocked at my house. Cat blocking - where the item is spread out on the back of a chair or sofa and the cats lay on them to nap.

Yep, stockinette curls. You can actually make that work for you for certain designs.

For a really flat design go with garter.

:roflhard: Great idea! :teehee:

'strue. Stuff gets flattened out very nicely that way.