Scarf and Sweater ornaments

I finished up my Christmas knitting yesterday. This scarf is for a family friend and then the sweater ornaments (minus the hangers still gotta do them) is for my dad. I was hoping to gift him an arm to the sweater he requested in August but the yarn is back ordered. So I made him small sweaters :teehee:

Men’s Striped Scarf from the book Holiday Knits
I used Caron Simply Soft since he would need something he could just throw in the washer.

Ornaments are Cheers and they are very fast and simple to do.
I then added “y” 'cause my kids call him Yogi (for Yogi bear) and then the “t” is a family joke that hopefully he will find funny :teehee:

Nice job! How awesome that you’re done with the Christmas knitting!!!

Thanks for the link for the ornaments!

I really like the scarf, and those sweater ornaments are adorable!

Very nice! :slight_smile:

Very nice. The sweaters are so cute.

The ornaments are way too cute and i love the scarf :slight_smile:

I really like that scarf for a guy! I’m sure he’ll love it! And the sweater ornaments are adorable :slight_smile:



Thanks everyone!!

I’m debating about making more of those sweater ornaments and using them kinda like name tags on top of the gifts, but right now I’m done with Christmas knitting and kinda liking it :rofl:

The ornaments are so sweet! And i can’t resist an elegant scarf :inlove:

Nice scarf! Miniature sweaters are always so cute. I hope your dad likes his and his promise of a big sweater.