Scarf and Hat (Christmas FOs)

Thanks for all the lovely comments everyone! :hug:

I’m thinking about possibly submitting the pattern for this scarf somewhere so as per Rebecca’s suggestion I’m actually taking the pictures down here. Thanks again for all the comments from those who saw it! And I know its not as fun but the picture of my dads hat is still here :teehee:

The hat’s nothing fancy, just knit up some stripes with Knit Picks Shine Sport in cherry and silver sage.

Thanks for looking!

Wow!! :inlove:
Both are gorgeous - such even stitiching and that scarf pattern should be published!

That scarf is amazing! Your parents will love thier gifts!
(being an OSU fan I am loving that hat! :heart: )

That scarf is amazing. :notworthy:

I LOVE that scarf! :notworthy: :muah:

:heart: Beautiful Work!!

That scarf really is unique! It BEGS to be submitted to something like Knitty or Magknits!

Thanks everyone! :muah: :muah:

By the way jamadian75, my even stitches come from blocking - amazing what taking a bath can do for a knit piece! :teehee:

I want the pattern for that scarf.


Your finished objects are lovely. I don’t think the scarf looks silly at all, it reminds me of a (Celtic) decorative knot. Enjoy your holiday.

You are way too humble! One look at that scarf and I KNOW any place you submit it would publish it; probably even Vogue Knitting. It’s original, it’s creative, it’s classy, it’s beautiful…I could go on and on. :cheering:

I know I’d love to have a scarf like that, you should publish it to knitty and vogue and all the other fun places to publish awesome stuff like that scarf! I also think it looks like a Celtic knot.
:cheering: :notworthy: :thud:

Love the scarf !
You should have the pattern for it published .
It is beautiful !!!


Thank you! :muah: :muah: Everyone here is too kind :hug:

Those are awesome! I love that scarf!! Even right down to the color. but that pattern is just so great! they will love them. I have no doubt in my mind

OH yes!!! You should most definitely publish that scarf! There are quite a few places that would love it…SWTC would snatch it up in a minute, I bet, that’s by the way, as would several other publications. Were I you and seriously considering publication, I would remove the picture, I know Knitty won’t publish anything that has been seen online before and other places may be the same. Oh, another online place to try would be knitpicks, too.
Love, Love :cheering: :cheering:

Thanks for the advice Rebecca!

U bet :wink:
Sorry the rest of you can’t see the picture bc of my advice…but the girl must publish that beauty!