Scarf already needed and finished want to take it out?

my friend knitting me a scarf a long time ago… and now that i know how to knit… i want to take it out and knit it again myself because she didn’t do a very good job… :stuck_out_tongue: can i take it apart ???

I guess that’s a personal decision for you, but I wouldn’t do it. I can’t think of a friend who’d do such, who wouldn’t get their feelings hurt to know I’d done it. I guess you have to ask yourself; is there a chance your friend would find out, and if so, would she get her feelings hurt if she did find out?

i have to think that Renna is right. You obviously know your friend better than we do but i know i would certainly be hurt if my friend did that.

that being said, yes i would guess you can do it if you can find the woven in ends and all that.

Technically, you can … but I wouldn’t do that. Regardless of the possibility of her finding out (and maybe getting her feelings hurt), I wouldn’t do it just on principle alone. No matter how pretty or ugly, how well made or poorly made, it was gift that she took the time and effort to make. :wink: There’s nothing wrong with buying some new yarn and trying to replicate it though. :thumbsup: …just one humble gal’s opinion…

Since you are a knitter now, put yourself in her shoes. How would you feel if you knit her something in the beginning and she ripped it out to make it better?

However, if it is put away, and you don’t ever use it, then go ahead. Just don’t let her see you wearing it!

I’m afraid that I have to interject, as well. I’ve been knitting a bit over a year now and I will assume that some of the scarves that I gifted for Christmas last year can be knitted in a much nicer fashion by me this year because of the experience that comes with that time. I would be terribly hurt if someone decided to tear apart a gift that I had given. When a knitter gives a gift that he or she has knitted, you must realize, that in each stitch that the knitter stitches is a bit of good wishes and kindness from the knitter to the recipient; this is something that a knitter realizes as he/she matures as a knitter. IMHO :wink:

Well, I’m not going to say whether you should or shouldn’t do it. That’s up to you. But yes, you technically can undo it.

Determine which end is the bind off end, and find the weaved in end. Unweave it, and start ripping.

well you guys… this so called friend ditched me so many times in the past and when she made it for me… she half ass did it because i know she could have made a better one… and i’ve helped her out so many times and she doesn’t even call me anymore… so that’s not really what i’m asking…

Then do what Silver said and reuse the yarn.

Ditto to Ingrid, who ditto’d Silver, then? :thumbsup:

When you asked if you could do it, half our minds thought you were asking if you should do it, when obviously what you meant was, is it possible to do it. :rollseyes: :slight_smile:

sorry guys for not being clear. but thanks so much for helping me out and letting me know your opinions! :lol:

My sincere :blush: apologies, aimesk!! You are now the yarn saver :angelgrin: , armed with your :x: and ready to right the wrong!!
Now…save that scarf :thumbsup: