Scared, not sure what it means

Ok, so I’m working on the IK Ribs and Lace Tank… And so far it’s been ok, restarted and restarted and restarted, along with so far only a couple silly questions… But now it tells me:

Work even in patt until piece measures 15" from CO (this part is ok, I get it). Leave beg-of-rnd m in place and remove side m. Change to smaller needle (ok, so I’m just supposed to take part of my work OFF the needle? do I put it on the smaller needle, just let it hang around, am I completely out to lunch for this?:think:).
Next rnd: Knit, dec 1 st evenly spaced around - 152 sts rem (I get this, and I just counted how many stitches I have currently, and I have 153 which makes me soooo happy :yay:).

So… if anyone wants to help decipher, explain to this confused newish knitter what I’m supposed to do with this removing side m thing and such, that would be awesome!

You can just use your smaller needle to knit the stitches right off the larger needle, no problem! The first row you work on the smaller needle will be smaller stitches because the needle you put your stitches onto determines what size they are, not the needle you take them off of.

What JGM said - just knit that round with the smaller needle, take off the marker and dec 1 st, maybe where you remove the marker.

Hmmm… ok… so basically it’s just remove the marker and change needles then?

Just knit with your smaller needle, remove the second marker when you get to it, and finish the round.

Alright, I think I can handle that! Thanks!