Scared for my mom

She had to have a ct scan yesterday for a large mass in her uterine lining the doctor is hoping it is a mass of fibroids but I am very scared that it is not because she went through menopause quite awhile ago and I read that they almost never happen after menopause and she never noticed it before.The other reason I am so scared is because the last physical exam she had before this one was 28 years ago (yep thats right 28 years!!)she comes from a very large very poor family where you only went to a doctor if you were pregnant,bleeding profusely or had a broken bone she also smokes a lot,she said if she can just make through this she will quit.The doctor also told her she was going to need to have surgery regardless of the results from the ct and that they won’t know for sure if it is cancer or not untill they operate which he wants to do as soon as possible.Ok I’m done thanks to who ever reads this I just had to get it out.

Best wishes for your mom. :hug:

Sending lots of positive energy to your Mom.

But don’t panic yet, I had almost 11 lbs of fibroids removed from my uterus (and the uterus too) POST menopause. I don’t remember anyone telling me that was “rare”. Fibroids do often shrink after menopause but they can still be there.

Thanks Ginny that makes me feel much better.:hug:

Take a deep breath…hold it for several seconds…let it out through your nose slowly…hold it out for several seconds. Repeat as necessary.

It’s a method of stress relief called Square Breathing, and it’ll help slow not only your breathing but also your hearbeat.

As for your Mom, try to relax. My Grandmother had to have a fibroid removed that was the size of a grapefruit–it was benign, just growing very rapidly.

And please do let us all know how things turn out for your Mom.

Just remember we’re all here if you need us and we’re all thinking of you.
My mom went through something similar too, but keep your chin up and stay positive- it’s one of the best things you can do.

Hi .
We are all here for you . Prayers are coming your way. :slight_smile:

Best wishes.

I know it’s hard but don’t get upset until you know there’s a reason to be. Positive energy is best.

:hug: Prayers for you all…

I agree postive energy!! Also don’t google anything!! Just wait for the dr to let you all know…Google likes to scare ya when it comes to medical stuff…:thumbsup:

Thanks everyone for all of your kind words I will update everyone as soon as we hear anything I am hoping that will be before the week end.

Thoughts for your mom and you. :hug:

Sending hugs and prayers your way. I just had a almost 5 pound fibroid taken out a few months ago. I was told that they MAY shrink when you go menopause but that is not always the case. Please do not panic yet - I am sure that is easier said than done. And we are all here for you…

:hug: Hugs to you and your mom. :hug:

All the best to your mom thinking of you both.


My thoughts and prayers are with you and your Mom.

Wow. That is so scary. I hope everything goes okay with your moms surgery. I will keep your mom in my thoughts and prayers.

Everything above is good advice. Prayers coming your way.:grphug:

Hugs and best wishes for you and your mum :hug: :hug:

Well they already called her back this afternoon they said that it is a large mass that is pushing on all her organs and it appears to have attached to one of her ovaries they did not see any tell tale signs of cancer but they won’t know for sure untill it comes out she has an appointment with a gynological surgeon on Tuesday so in other words this is going to be a long month!