Scalloped Scarf--FO! (lotsa pics)

Well, it’s finished! I asked your advice about this the other day and now she’s done!

This is a scallop stitch taken from volume 1 of the Vogue Stichionary. It was a quick 14 row repeat, really easy to memorize. I just did one repeat across so it’s 24 stitches.

I did 13 repeats on one side, then did the same for the second side and grafted the two pieces together so that both ends have the nice curve.

Here’s a closeup of where I grafted the pieces together. Grafting is teh r0x0r!!!11!one!!1

This is for a cousin’s 16th birthday tomorrow. She requested a scarf in brown and white and lacy but “not all holey.” (What does she think lace is? :teehee: ).

I’m pretty happy with it. It makes an interesting style piece…I think it would look better in a solid color, but the varigated was requested. It reminds me of a Hoodsie Cup (yum!).

The yarn, by the way, is original gangsta Red Heart and it’s HEINOUS! Ugh…but it was super cheap and the only thing in the right color scheme. I didn’t wanna spend too much figuring this will be “cool” for about 10 seconds until she completely changes her wardrobe (again!). In an attempt to ward off the scratchiness I soaked this in hot water with a LOT of fabric softener. It seems to have softened it up marginally, I may do a second round once it’s dry. I welcome other suggestions!

Looks Great. I really like that stitch pattern.

That came out really well. Yay!!! :cheering:


Holy smokes! You’re like a knitting machine! What is this, like your 10th FO this month?? I’m amazed…

Anyway, the scarf is gorgeous! I take back my vote for a border. It’s beautiful!

That came out really nice! it looks lovely just the way it is! I :heart: the lace pattern.

That is beautiful!

Lovely! :heart:

:heart: :cheering:

Beautiful! :heart:

[color=indigo]That is magnificent work! :cheering:

Musta taken you a very l-o–n—g time to do that.



It was pretty quick actually! I’d say it took me about 3 nights. It was good tv knitting.

Also–I gifted this and I think my cousin really liked it. (I’ll just ignore the teasing and patronization I got from my mom. Grrr…she means well but she knows me well enough to know that it really hurts me. I’d prefer for her to just completely ignore my knitting than to be patronized like that :wall: ).

My cousin got some big needles and bulky yarn–apparently all the high school girls at the studio are knitting chunky scarves between rehearsals and she wanted to learn. So I taught her how to knit last night, yay! :cheering:

I would definitely wear a scarf like that!

And congratulations on adding a new knitter to the fold.

It’s georgous. :cheering: :cheering: