Scalloped edging

I’m knitting a scalloped edging for a collar. The instructions for Row3
read K1,*P2,(P1,yrn,P1) in double yo,P1;rep.from * to last 2 stitches. P1,K1.
I would love some help with this row, before my frustration increases.
Thanks for any help.


I may need to see the row before to be totally sure.

It sounds like you made 2 yarn overs in a row on the previous row, and now, on this row, when you get to them, you purl the first one, make a new yarn over, then purl the 2nd yarn over.

Or is there some other part that is giving you trouble?

That sounds right, there should be a double YO in the previous row, when you come to it purl the first loop YO, then purl into the 2nd loop.