Scallop pattern help

I am just starting to knit a sweater with a scallop edge, and can’t seem to figure out the pattern. I get through the first two rows (I think) after casting on but then end up with the wrong number of stitches for the third row. Here’s the pattern:

R1: purl (12 sts for one scallop)

R2: kn 1 and sl back to LH needle, lift next 7 sts one at a time over this st and off needle, [yo] twice, k the first st again, k2

R3: p2tog, [k1, p1] twice in double yo <NOTE: I do not get this instruction since it asks for 4 sts in just 2 yos>, p1

help!!! :slight_smile:

oh, one more thing: I start out with 82 sts (multiple of 10 plus 2) and am supposed to end up with some multiple of 6 sts plus 2. before the * on R2 is K2

before the * on R3 is P1, at the end of the * is K1

this really doesn’t seem too complicated, not sure why I can’t get it!

Okay… on Row 2 - “*kn 1 and sl back to LH needle, lift next 7 sts one at a time over this st and off needle”

Knit 1, put it back on the left needle. Lift the 2nd st over it and off the needle, then the 3rd, and 4th… until you’ve put 7 sts over it. Then… " [yo] twice, k the first st again, k2*"

The YO twice is what they refer to as the dbl YO on the next row. So you’ve lifted all the sts over that first st, wrap the yarn around your needle twice and knit the first st again. You decreased 6 sts by lifting the 7 sts over the one (or maybe 7) but you’ve regained 2 by the dbl YO.

Then row 3 - “R3: *p2tog, [k1, p1] twice in double yo”

So when you get to the double YO, knit into the first loop and purl into the 2nd loop.

Yikes, it still isn’t working so I have the correct no. of sts on the needle after executing the pattern: here’s the full pattern for the first 5 rows:

cast on 72 sts. ( I said 82 above because I was knitting a larger size but have switched to a sm aller size hence just 72 sts)

R1 (WS): Purl

R2: K2 *k1 and sl back to LH needle, lift next 7 sts, one at a time, over this st and off the needle, [yo] twice, k the first st again, k2; rep from * to end. THIS WORKED OUT FINE (i think)

R3: P1, *p2tog, [k1, p1] twice in double yo,k p1: rep from *, end k1 THIS WORKED OUT OK TOO (i think)

R4: Knit

R5: Purl

and I’m supposed to have 44 sts on the needle and I have just 30 :frowning: Can’t figure out what I’m doing wrong! help!!!

–desperate knitter, aka, maria

For row 2 you’ll lose 4 sts on each repeat, I think. There are 10 sts repeated, so that’s 7 repeats times 4 sts would be a loss of 28 sts which leaves 44. Row 3 doesn’t add or decrease any stitches so it’s how you’re doing row 2. Somehow you’re missing 2 sts per repeat. Make sure that after you slip the 7 sts over the single one that you YO twice and then knit that one st again.