Scale looking stitches + shaping and colour changes?

Does anyone know of a stitch that looks like fish/dragon scales that I could easily shape and change colour partway through a row if needed? Long shot, I know!

These stitches work in various ways to form scales. See if any will do.

There are a number of crochet stitches too but I went for knit stitches. I’m intrigued about this project and can’t wait to see what you do with the scales!


Here is another dragon scale knit video.


Thank you, both! I’m making pony patterns (again) based on a game I play - there are several different breeds and two of them have scales on the body/tail :slight_smile: one is like a hippocampus, with a scaly tail, and there’s a kirin, too. I will take a look at those stitches and try some swatches later!

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Here’s a great pattern in my queue!!
The designer has a number of patterns that have similar stitch patterns.

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I love that pattern, thanks!