'sc in sc' help please

On this pattern I am stuck on round 9

There are instructions and a chart.
In round 9 I am up to ‘sc in sc’ 7 times.
I see the black crosses on the chart where they go but they seem to be worked on top of what I already have there. The outer pink chain loops have already been made in an earlier row.
I don’t know if I am supposed to work on top of what I already have - but how? The yarn will squash the pink loops surely?

I hope someone is able to understand the pattern and my question.

Cute earrings!
We need advice from @OffJumpsJack or @Snowfleas or @okckwilter or @GrumpyGramma please.

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Ha, I didn’t even realise the pattern was for earrings. It just looked like a nice motif to try out.

Those are cute! I like it as a motif too. I can’t read the pattern or look at the chart and figure it out. If I can I’ll try working it later and see if it makes sense to me, that’s the only way I can do it. Sorry for being unhelpful. I know @OffJumpsJack can read patterns and charts and make sense of them without working the pattern. I’m still involved with revising the test knit cape I made because I didn’t like it as the pattern was written. I’ll be the one asking for help soon. I can’t figure out when or how many cast on stitches to skip when working the bottom cable border as an applied border. The pattern had me knit the border then pick up stitches for the body and things didn’t work out so well for me. Math and I avoid each other whenever possible.

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Not sure if this is the problem but here goes.
The last pink loop was worked in row 8, at the bottom of the chart (yellow circle)
The sc in round 9 are worked into the sts from round 7 (blue and a few pink sts).
The outer pink loops are still to be worked in round 10.

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Thank you salmonmac it’s so good of you to try to help.

Yes i have gone the direction you have said and got stuck in the top section.
In the process of marking up a pic to share to try to explain where I’m stuck I think I have found the problem. I have a bunch of pink loops already around the top section and I think I made them in row 2. Rather than doing only a 4 chain loop and moving in to row 3 I have worked all around the piece making several chains. It’s looks like the chart and the photo of the project but I’ve obviously got this wrong.

Thank you - although you didn’t solve my problem directly you did solve it as it forced me to revisit every row and question what I had done.

I’ll pull it out and try again. Has to be easier the second time I reckon.
(I should stick to knitting but still immobile so it’s crochet or read a book…I’m getting though a lot of books)

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I hope you’re lots better fast. I meant to try this last night but amazingly enough I was sleepy at bedtime. You’ll understand me taking the opportunity for a rare good night’s sleep I trust. I’ll try to get to it later today.

Glad you got a good sleep!

I’ve redone it. It was just me getting it wrong. No surprise really as I can’t really crochet. I wasn’t impressed with the result in the end (it looked nicer when i had it wrong) but never mind. It’s just something to do and I’ve learned another little bit more than I knew before.

I think claiming you don’t know how to crochet might not be totally true. lol You’re adventuring into new territory and that’s good. It’s amazing how much difference actually sleeping at night makes. Thank you.

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I think they would make lovely Christmas decorations. I hope the books and crochet can keep you entertained until you are able to get back to knitting.


I am not an expert on reading this kind of chart but it looks like the area you are having trouble with is the black “x’s” representing sc. that go up and around the top of the earring. I hope this is a little bit of help. My advice is to follow the instructions to see if they work and if they don’t you can always back up and try again with someone else’s advice. Good luck. They look like they are going to be beautiful.

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Thanks for stopping by, I apppreciate it.
The problem was only me getting it wrong. I thought there was some crochet stitch or technique I didn’t understand but I was just reading the chart wrong.
I just made one and added to a pile of motifs which may (or may not) end up joined as a top.

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I am glad you figured it out. I hope you post a picture when you are done. I am sure there will be a lot of interest. Good luck.

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