Saying hi and thanks

Hi everyone from a beautiful day in Jacksonville, FL. I’m brand new to knitting and just picked up my first pair of needles last night. I’m so glad to find you, thanks.
Koollady in Hot Florida.

Welcome to what will soon become your newest obsession! Glad to have you as part of our group! I truly believe that you will soon find this site and the members of this forum INVALUABLE to your knitting endeavors (as I have).


:grphug: Welcome. You are going to love the members here, they are all very helpful. So don’t be shy and ask questions if you have them.

Good LucK!:cheering:

Welcome to KH! :cheering:

Welcome! I’m so glad you found us!

Welcome! You are going to :heart: love :heart: it here!!!

Welcome! I’m pretty new here, too - and lovin’ it! :muah:

Hello from another n00b! :waving: