Say i do decide to suck it up

Hypothetically if i do decide to suck it up and knit a scarf for my Mom with this awfully multicolored eyelash yarn what sort of pattern would you all suggest? Lace?

you won’t see much stitch definition with eyelash yarn- I’d just go for simple, and let the eyelash part be the focus… did you check LionBrand’s website? they have a lot of scarf fun fur patterns that could be adapted for an eyelash type yarn… (I don’t like them much, but made a fancy fur scarf for a 10 y o)

I made them in garter stitch. For variation, I did a couple on the bias - start at one corner, inc both edges until the width is what you want, then dec at the beginning of the row, inc at the end of the row. Then when it’s long enough, dec at both edges.

you could work it with another yarn. i made scarves for my younger cousins using fun fur and boucle held together on size 35s. they were really cute and knit up super fast. i would have like one for myself, but the colors were much “younger” than i would like.

That sounds like fun.I’ve never knit on the bias before. Any good first time patterns out there?

They’re all fast; here’s one -
Scarf A here -
This one’s a little different -

I just like to do a k1, p1 rib when I have to make eyelash scarves.

I agree that any stitch definition will pretty much be lost with eyelash yarn. Garter stitch turns out well and goes really fast. since you don’t like the yarn, you don’t want to spend TOO much time with it.

I have made zillions of the eyelash yarn scarves … (I am def.retired from them!)…but they can look really pretty if you use a little ribbon w/the eyelash, it has a nice shine to it.

Best of luck !!!

I’d go with a garter stitch - really, as others have said any stitch design will be totally lost so go with the fastest possilbe - knit every row. I wouldn’t even bother with the diagonal design - it isn’t going to show at all. Granted it’s not hard and not much more effort then knitting straight across, but I think it’s wasted energy with this yarn.

Just use the fun fur for a floppy-type scarf, or add another yarn for a more firm scarf. You an use large needles either way - makes the whole thing go rather quickly.

I do have a black fun fur scarf that is knit in a circle. I like it cause I can pull the 2 ends out and wear it like a normal scarf. or I can wear it by putting my head thru the middle and have it all bunched up arond my neck.

The diagonal can show if the ends are pointed. I think I made one of them with increases on just one edge. Don’t remember how I did that one…

I feel for you. I hate eyelash yarn, and if it’s also a bad color…ugh.