Say Hello to Knitting Guy's Mom!

Hello, this if FloridaCrochetMomjust signed up on the sight. I am knitting guys mom, I know a lot of you know him. To all of you that sent me cards, hats and etc. after my cancer surgery, I thank all from the bottom of my heart. I can no longer speak since my voice box had to be removed so am very happy to have the computer to talk with, which is also a gift from my sons knitting friends, I thank them for sending it from Korea to me.I wanted to let everyone know that my doctors says that they think that they got all of the cancer this time, we just have to pray that it does not come back someplace else.Bye for this time.

Hello! I hope we’ll see more of you. My own mom went through cancer treatment a couple of years ago, and is still in remission!

I’m glad to hear you’re doing better, and hope we’ll get to see more of you here! :slight_smile:

Hello, Hello, Hello! It’s wonderful to meet you. You’ve raised quite a great son. Thank you for joining us. Hope to see much more of you.:cheering: :woohoo:


Hello! Glad to know you are feeling better. Hope to hear from you again soon!!

Glad ya signed up and posted!

BTW, the computer was actually from some of my blog readers. :slight_smile:

Oh, hello!!!

I was hoping that Mason would help get you plugged in here!

Hugs to you!!!

Welcome to the sweetest place on the internet.


Well Hello there Mason’s Mom (do you have an identity of your own or are you to forever be Mason’s Mom to us?) Welcome to KH! It is so nice to talk with you. I am very pleased that all our prayers were answered and you came through your surgery and treatment so well. You are always in my prayers, as are all of my KH family (yes including Mason, because we all love him)!

You can tell I’ve been here a while, this is my 2,600th post on KH!!

Do you knit like your wonderful son does, or do you only crochet?

I look forward to seeing pictures of lots of your projects, what we call FO’s (finished objects).

It’s so nice to see you here! Thanks for joining our little yarn addicted family.

Hello, and welcome to KH. I’m so glad your feeling better, and are able to join us here. :slight_smile:

Hello and welcome to Knitting Help! It’s nice to meet you!

We all love Mason and look forward to his posts. He looks like such a tough guy, but we found out he’s really a sweetheart. :teehee: You have a great son! :thumbsup:

All here are so glad you signed up. So good to hear you came through your surgery and treatment(s) so well. Everyone here was so very concerned about you and you were in our prayers. I do believe we all adore Mason, he is like an adoped son, brother and certainly a great friend and asset to this community.

Take care of yourself, come back often. :yay:

Yes, I have ID of my own, name is Jean. Thanks for all of the nice messages, very nice to meet you!

Lovely to meet you too Jean. Have a great day and drop in often! We may joke, we may tease, but we NEVER bite!!!

:muah: Yes I have my own ID, my name is Jean. Thanks for all of the nice messages, nice to meet all of you. All of your prayers are appreciated.

hi Jean So very glad to see you :slight_smile:

Welcome to our little corner of the world.

I’m the one who put that lovely border on your blanket. SO very glad you are enjoying it.

Welcome and best wishes for a continued recovery.

Hello and welcome to Knitting Help. Look forward to seeing more posts from you. Your son certainly keeps us entertained. We can now even view him in his daily life.

Hi, Jean - welcome & so glad to meet you! Glead to hear your diagnosis is good.

It’ll be fun have a mom/son team here.


Howdy! :waving:

Welcome. From what I’ve seen around here you’ve raised a wonderful son. Best wishes for continued recovery.