Saxon Knot HELP!

I am working on an Afghan, and have gotten to a square that uses the Saxon Knot. what do these abbreviations mean, and how do I do them:
What are markers, and do I need to buy one? What does it mean to mark the start of the pattern, and to move the marker?
If anyone can help me, I would be very grateful!
thank you!

C4B etc. are all cabling abbreviations.

C = cross, T = twist, B = back, F = front.

To type out the definitions for all the stitches you asked for would take a while, though. Do you happen to have one of “The Harmony Guides to Knitting Stitches”? They give complete instructions for all of those abbreviations.

Stitch markers are those little round things that you can slip on your needles between stitches to help you mark your place in the pattern. Foldedbird has been making some really beautiful ones lately (but I can’t remember which thread I saw them on).

Sorry, that probably wasn’t much help, but maybe it will get you started.

Another book you may want to consider is The Knitter’s Bible.

There is a really good video on how to make cables here:

But, Eggplant is right…the instructions for ALL of those abbreviations would be ALOT to type in here.

Do you have a local yarn store (LYS) that might be able to help you in person?

And for a stitch marker, you can just use a loop of different-colored yarn tied around your needle, and slip it from one needle to the other as you are knitting the row. It’s just to remind you where you are in the pattern.