Saxon braid

I’m knitting a saxon braid, and,
I am using the acrylic, stiff yarn made by Red Heart, which is fine,
but, I’d like to use a softer yarn, to make a s.b. scarf, as a gift.
Will the softer yarn deflate the pop-outed-ness of the braid pattern?

Oh, no. I made a SB scarf with Malabrigo, and with it looks lovely.

I’ve never used malabrigo, I’m assuming it’s very very soft?

thanks for telling me, though.

Another question: I’m doing another practice piece, this is a
"tight braid cable"
go here:

go 4 down to see

Do ALL cables pull up on the sides? Will that make a difference
if I make a blanket, and do cables about 8 inches apart from each other?
Will that make the blanket have an uneven edge?:help:

Yes, cables pull in at the sides. You can add more sts to the outsides of the cables in reverse stockinette, plus edge sts that maybe it won’t be as bad. As well as the 8" between the cables. If it’s a blockable fiber, that should even the edges out as well.