Saxon braid

My first successful attempt at knitting a saxon braid.

This one is a killer!!

Wow. Very impressive. It look great! :thumbsup:

:thumbsup: Looks great!

Wow! What an intricate pattern! Nice!

First, I love the flower of your avatar. Do you know what kind of flower it is? Very pretty!

Second, yes, this is the most intricate pattern I have found, that doesn’t use yarn overs. I like it. Been thinking about knitting the saxon braid for a long time, tried unsuccessfully a few months ago, due to my slipping stitches knitwise, instead of purlwise.


Wow, it is truely beautiful

Very nice!

Saxon braid is really cool, you did a good job!

WOW!! That looks GREAT! :thumbsup:

Looks great !!!

Is this a practice piece, or a part of a garment? It looks great.

That’s a lot of cabling, but it looks great!

Lovely job! So intricate. Very nice and you are doing a fantastic job.

Bee-yoo-ti-ful! Looks great! :muah:

wow. That is beyond beyond basics. How long did it take?

:shock: WOW! That is one amazing braid!

practice piece

I’d like to make a scarf, but am worried that softer yarn (this is red heart acrylic) will lose the design…that the softness might make the
design less noticeable.

Well, if you sit with no distractions, and take a break every 20 minutes, it takes a total of about an hour and a half.
There are so many cable fronts, front twists, cable backs, back twists, and every stitch is different, in a couple of lines of direction, that it took me about 3 days, honestly to do this. At 20 minute intervals.
I knit slower than most, I’m sure.
But, the upside of this, is, it’s very pretty, and pleasing to make this.

I like the kitty avatar. Your cat?
do you have a bigger picture of him/her?

Man, you KNOW it, Jan! Good Lord! ha ha!
It’s worth it, though, when you look at it.

I wonder if I could make this, with 2 colors, naw, would be crazy to do.