Saw This Headline On Yahoo

…“Bruce said that men knitting are a like women knitting, except for a lot of swearing.”

Hmm, apparently Bruce has never heard me while I’m knitting…Or simply awake for that matter :teehee:


Hmm, apparently Bruce has never heard me while I’m knitting…Or simply awake for that matter :teehee:[/QUOTE]

I’ve had my share of words while knitting, too. :teehee: :teehee: :teehee:

Apparently he also doesn’t know that Ringo Starr (beatles) also knits… he was in the hospital as a child for tuberculosis and to keep the kids occupied they taught them how to knit.

LOL I do tend to swear quite a bit… it’s a good thing only my pup had to hear the gems coming out of my mouth last night as I couldn’t figure out where the extra stitch came from while I was decreasing my hat!

lol, it’s like trying to apply mascara with your mouth closed - for some reason the finished product looks better when completed accompanied by this weird quirk (open mouth, swearing, whatever.)

LOL - I worked in a shipyard for five years. Need I say more?

:guyknitting: I just saw that story today and came over to post it. I think it’s great!

When my daughter was six years old, she begged me to teach her to crochet. I really didn’t think she was quite ready at six, but figured I could get her going with a chain stitch. So, I got a bright red ball of yarn, and a size K hook and off we went. She fumbled for a little while, but then she got the hang of it…sort of.

Then, she got all tangled up with the yarn and her hook, and flung it on the ground, exclaiming “F*@k this!”. Well, my ears shrivelled up and went inside of my head. I almost choked and fell off the sofa. But, like the childrearing experts recommended, I kept my cool. I calmly asked her where she’d heard such a word, because I knew she’d never heard mommy or daddy saying that. She was in Kindergarten at the time, and told me that the boys at school said it every day. This was a parochial school!!!

We had a little discussion about how that wasn’t a nice word, and I didn’t want to ever hear her say it again. Actually, she’s almost twenty seven years old now, and I’ve only heard her say it once since then, and that was because we were leaving the grocery, and someone rear-ended her car and drove off.

Incidentally, she’s never touched a crochet hook again either. :teehee: