Save time check your gauge

[size=2]Why do they always have to yell it? In the patterns, you know?


Just wondering why they YELL IT.

I guess because so many people don’t, and then have to frog when it’s not the size they expected.

Oh, it makes a real difference if you knit real tight or loose. This woman in the class I attended knitted so tight that the hat she knitted won’t even fit her head, then she tried one knitted by another person, it not only slippped right on, she could also stuff her hand in without a problem!

It is really important. I guess they “yell” to make sure you do a gauge swatch.

Isn’t it a shame we can’t turn down the volume on things in print? :wink:

AT THE SAME TIME is also frequently ‘yelled’–a very good thing, too. Nothing like finishing a section and finding this as the ‘next’ direction.

Reading a pattern through slowly and carefully before knitting and then highlighting things like that is really helpful. More than once I’ve missed something like “AT THE SAME TIME”–even when ‘yelled’ at–and had to frog. :frowning:

If you watch a knitter, you know she’s missed this direction. “OK, that section’s done. What’s next? Oh sh*t!”

:roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard:

That happened to me with Samus…I missed the part that clearly stated the sleeves were supposed to be knit flat. I knit them in the round… :blush: I saw “pick up x stitches on a circular needle” and I was off! :rofling:

:rofling: same thing with me with the increases with bombshell. I seem to keep saying “oh sh**” which is something I rarely say. Since I’ve been knitting at my mothers (to avoid cat attacks) I seem to say it more - I blame her she’s a bad influence!!

:smiley: Just makes me giggle is all.
I always get a picture in my mind of a sweet sweet lady explaining in a gentle, understanding voice how I too can learn the backloop cast on method, or whatever, and then out of nowhere SAVE TIME, CHECK YOUR GAUGE! Arms waving, hair askew.

Just cracks me up.
Mark my words ifn I ever become (who knows) a famous knitting pattern maker I WILL goof on this knitting tradition in every pattern I make.

It’s a awful job, but somebody has to do it. :thumbsup:

:roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard:

I’m going to see this same woman, now, “arms waving, hair askew”!

Well dear Angelia ~
There is much more where that came from.

Just started my own bloggy.
Will be featuring much more of that wit,gabby,fun,laughing, images I do, so grab hold of your 10mm Or stick of choice…
and enjoy.

~Staring At Needle Ends~

I tried to post a comment, but the “friend’s email address” thing is throwing me off. :frowning: What do I do?

running to see what settings I can mess with

Hehe I have a live one!
hold the line

I just found this setting thingy that says

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I know what’s happening here. I am not paying attention, that’s it.
Where it says 0 comments click that, like you were going to check out the comments, were there any, but it says 0 so there are none, yet, anyways a page should come up that has a box like thingy for commenting.
The email thing is to spread the good cheer and laugh-o-the-day, with those near and dear to you. See?
I can pay attention. :cheering:

I still get the same thing…

I also have a blog on blogger, and I can’t figure out what the dealio is. Maybe if you go to “Basic” and say no to “email post links”? :thinking: