Save the Sheep?

I just got an email about PETA’s website:

I thought it was a joke at first. Is this stuff really true or is it glamorized? I’m currently knitting with Merino Wool, not sure from where but I definitely feel guilty now.

I do understand that some people go overboard with these issues so I’m wondering if anyone has any first hand knowledge on these practices. I have a friend who’s dad owns a dairy farm and those cows are treated extremely well - never like some of the articles that claim horrible abuses.

Mulesing as a practice does exist, so I choose not to buy australian-made wool. I always feel torn about PETA. I dont think its quite realistic to expect the world to stop using ALL animal products, PERIOD. Although I personally dont use products that have been tested on animals or that were obtained through excessive cruelty, I wish PETA would offer some alternative resources, other than “just dont use any animal products”. I think it would lend some validity to their cause.

I just checked and my yarn label has “Made in Peru”. That makes me feel better but I guess I’ll have to pay more attention when in the stores and ordering online. I absolutely love working with wool, I don’t think I could go cold turkey!

It’s from PETA.
Need I say more? :doh:

What she said

Ya know, PETA really underminds thier work by using degrading ads of women to get thier message across. I’m weary of anything they say.

I can appreciate their intention, I mean alot of the issues (like this one with the sheep) should be brought to light…I just think they go a bit overboard in the means they use to get their message out. Makes alot of people feel like you two do…

There have got to be better ways of raising awareness WITHOUT force-feeding the facts (or opinions, for that matter) down people’s throats.

Does PETA even consider that some people JUST DON’T CARE? I don’t think that you can MAKE people care; I think people have to arrive at that state of mind on their own. :thinking:

I agree Peta can really go overboard. I never read their articles because I have nightmares about them. I, however, use Peta’s Caring Consumer all the time to determine what detergent, baby product, mascara, etc. to buy. They should do a wool one! I will e-mail them. Maybe others can do the same?

I completely agree!!

Again, i agree…

I have a big problem with people who are EXTREME animal activists. I find you can shut them down pretty quickly by asking if they would refuse to immunize their children, refuse surgery or a transplant, or refuse life-saving drugs since ALL of these came about through unfortunate but NECESSARY animal trials. I’m sure even Pamela Anderson (ick!! :help: ) is being treated for her Hepatitis C through drug therapy!

That usually backs them into a corner they don’t want to be in.

I really hate animal cruelty but extremism doesn’t help curb it productively.

My $0.02.


well i must say that i don’t think that PETA is WRONG in their efforts but their methods tend to be the problem. However, it is through their efforts and the efforts of those who are quieter in their cause that we know about the abuses so many animals have gone through. much of it is just appalling to me.

however, that being said, i have a real hard time getting behind PETA because their efforts have turned to human abuse and you certainly can’t trade one for another.

I’ve said it before…

:heart: I LOVE THIS PLACE! :heart:

Im just always impressed at how we can all come here and express some pretty STRONG views on topics and still remain mature, respectful and even friendly about it!

Is is just that KNITTERS are NICE people??? :inlove:

That said…

It makes me sad that there are lots of folks who dont care about issues of animal cruelty, and I dont feel the issues about animal testing apply here…animals do not have the same anatomy & physiology as humans…especailly when it comes to transplants, as their immune systems absolutely do not operate the same way, and rejection of implants is where most problems occur. At the very least, there is no reason for the animal testing that still goes on today. Plus, there is a whole MOVEMENT of people who do not immunize their children. They go so far as to homeschool to avoid that law.

my cousin wouldn’t give her kids any more immunizations after she lost her baby to SIDS. There is obviously no proof that the immunizations he got that day caused it but it certainly was enough for her to make sure it didn’t happen to her kids again. Of course once they got old enough for their bodies to really be able to protect themselves they got some of their shots but not until then…

i think a lot of people forget that we were put here to protect the earth and pass it down…not pillage it… :frowning:

Plus, there is a whole MOVEMENT of people who do not immunize their children.

Yes, yes there is


Let’s change the name of this thread to:

[size=6]Discussion of every single hot-button topic there is or ever HAS been![/size]

Here…Ill start:
I cannot STAND this President.
I am against violence of ANY kind, including this war.
I am pro-choice, not necessarily pro-abortion.
I do not agree with all of the dogma imposed by the catholic church.
I am FOR the legal and societal recognition of same-sex marriage.
After all I said about animal cruely issues above, I still eat meat, but not veal.
I am for the death penalty, but also feel that this judicial system needs some reform before we can REALLY be sure that those who have been “proven guilty” are truly guilty.
I am no longer a pot smoker, but think marajuana should be de-criminalized.
Two things really make me angry…child neglect and fur coats.
I dont think all homeless people are "just lazy"
Well, okay…three things…SUVs in the city. They guzzle natural resources and I cant see from my normal-sized car when Im turning a corner or pulling out of a parking spot.

That’s all I can think of for now…


Ummm, I think ditto there. Minus the meat part, I am a vegetarian (but not vegan)

lmao! Kelly i think i may be outrageously attracted to you right now…too bad about that thing of you bein’ a girl


I’m confused. When you say “animal testing” do you mean something like spraying hairspray into the eyes of bunny rabbits? Or are you talking about animal trials (ie: testing out drugs and surgical procedures on animals)? Because one is absolutely unnecessary and irresponsible and the latter is an absolute necessity. Most, if not all, surgical procedures are perfected through animal trials before they’re ever allowed to be conducted on humans (ie: organ transplanting, re-attachment of limbs, by-pass surgery, skin grafting for burn victims, fertility treatments, etc). It’s ethically immoral to attempt novel procedures on humans without sound evidence that it most likely will work.

The same is true for drug trials. Mammalian (warm-blooded, fuzzy animals including human) physiology and immune responses are remarkably very similar. In fact, humans and pigs are incredibly similar in these respects (perhaps not expected but true). And there are MANY rat/mouse models for human diseases and conditions that mirror humans - some identically (ie: diabetic mice, mice prone to obesity, rats prone to heart diseases, etc.). All the drugs that you hear about on the (more than abundant!) commercials on tv are all run through animal trials first - including birth control!! Sometimes the results are good, sometimes bad. But it’s simply not possible to create these drugs without these animal trials.

My original post was, i guess, a more generalized statement that these extremists (including PETA) who threaten to blow up laboratories and harass research scientists usually neglect to take these ideas in hand first. I wonder how many of them get their birth control in some other form than condoms or counting days, or would refuse a skin grafting technique if horrifically burned.

True. But they can’t avoid immunizations if they go to state-funded colleges and univesities. Those are the ones i feel the most sorry for because your immune system is LESS able to create a life-long immunity if you’re older and the response to the injections are MUCH worse in older children and adults. I know becasue i had to have a second MMRI when i was 22 and it was bloody AWFUL! :frowning:

In Britain they’re requiring students to get a meningitis vaccine before entering school because they’ve had numerous epidemics in schools and universities. In fact, one of my friends went out with her friend (17 yrs old) on friday and she was dead from meningitis by sunday. Game over. It was quick and it was horrible and not contracted from school.

Dunno… i’d be too scared to risk NOT immunizing.

I guess i don’t see things in black and white, which is why the extremists bother me. But i do try my best to avoid all types of animal cruelty, and activists are great for raising consciousness. However, to me, their tactics are akin to raising your voice to shouting level in order to be heard by the person in front of you. Not only can they hear you, but now you’ve pissed them off. :wink:

I’ll stop now before i become even more unpopular… :expressionless:


I emphatically agree on EVERY point - c’ept half of one! :wink:

Great list, KellyK!


I just happen to disagree…

BUT…you aren’t becoming unpopular! I LOVE a forum where people can disagree and still knit together! :mrgreen:

KellyK bats her eyelashes at Bren :eyebrow: