Save the children new born hats!

:grphug: hi everyone. just thought i’d let you all know of a project to help babies born in tibet. half of the babies born suffer from hypothermia, and are therefore more likely to catch pnuemonia.
however you can help by knitting new born baby hats and sending them to;

save the children
1 st johns lane

i really hope you can all send at least one hat to help them, i have made two already and plan to make some more.
thanks x x x x x

What a great reminder, Ruby!

My daughter (12) is knitting caps for sub-Saharan babies. It is a great way for her to have small projects that have a big impact. Her time working on them has caused her to think about and pray for those who have such great and simple needs.

We found this site when we were trying to find a US recipient for international caps.

hi Ruby is there a link to a site with a basic pattern and type of yarn to be used. or is all the info on the Save the Children web site

just found the link