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[B][COLOR=Blue]Save the Children
1 St. John’s Lane
London EC1M 4AR

If you should have any more hats in the pipeline for the UK appeal, please send them to the above address asap - many thanks.

Hi Folks

[COLOR=Black] The campaign has now officially ended,[/COLOR] with Brits knitting some [COLOR=Red]550,000 hats!!! [/COLOR]- way over the half-million Save the Children target. :yay::yay::yay:

A staggering 50,000 messages, urging government action on global child poverty, will be also heading to Downing Street in November. (Watch this space)

Dr Dorjee, who works for Save the Children in Tibet, said “We rarely put hats on babies. This … has been like that for generations and is responsible for many preventable child deaths. I believe the hats will save many lives.”[/B]
Further details here:

Thank you everyone who has taken part and a [COLOR=Orange]HUGE THANKS[/COLOR] to this site, without whom …

Best Wishes


October Update

UK knitters have made a staggering 460,000 hats since April but Save the Children are hoping to hit the half million target.

The number of knitters joining the campaign has jumped from 25,000 last month to 40,000, so maybe there’s still a chance to achieve the 500,000. Although [COLOR=Red]the campaign ends on 21 October[/COLOR] that still leaves time to knit and post one more little hat.

Recent shipments are: 30,000 to Bangladesh, 25,000 Liberia,
a massive 80,000 to Brazil and the latest delivery is a further 50,000 hats to Mongolia.

One enterprising lady, who’s a volunteer in a Cornwall charity shop, challenged a group of Mothers’ Union knitters to turn out 1,000 - they clicked and clacked so much that a total 1,600 little hats were made.

There’s a link here with a wonderful photo of those hats filling the group’s church in Newquay, plus all the latest information.

[COLOR=Red]The monstrous job of collating the hat labels is now underway and arrangements are being made to present a petition to Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, at the end of the year.

[/COLOR][/B]" …your hats have helped save the lives of hundreds of thousands of newborn babies. Now let’s hope that your voice will help to save millions more. We call on the UK Government to do everything they can to dramatically reduce the numbers of children dying each year. Our call is so much stronger because it’s joined by your voice." Save the Children - October 08


[B][COLOR=Magenta] I’ve left the link below to the Sun Newspaper appeal because although 350,000 is a huge number of hats, more knitters are still needed - about 25,000 to reach the target Save the Children set for the number of people becoming involved.

So, please, if you’ve a little time to spare, knit a hat!

There are photos below of babies in Sierra Leone, which has the worst child mortality rate in the world.

It would be fantastic if you could persuade just one person, who is capable of holding two sticks and a ball of yarn, to get cracking and knock out a hat - it doesn’t take very long to make - even someone who thought knitting needles were some weird sort of chopstick could get the hang of it.

Latest info link here

Even corporate management is taking an interest, with one extremely generous donor paying for 50,000 hats to be shipped to Angola and Tanzania, where babies are at risk from fatal hypothermia.

Save the Children are posting the latest photographs and stories of how hats have helped babies in Tibet, especially one four-month-old baby boy who’s had pneumonia.

Read More here

Just recently, 20 cross-party MPs, including Ed Balls, Minster for Children, got busy clacking instead of yacking (just for a change!:teehee:) - see first link below.

So far, hats have been sent to Tibet, Burma and Kenya.

There’s a link here giving info. including photos.

The next shipment of hats is destined for South and South West Africa, which has the second highest child mortality rate in the world, so every little bit of help counts:

It also wonderful to know that Members of Parliament are now becoming involved by collecting hats from their constituents and sending them to local branches of Save the Children.

[/B][B]More information here:

[COLOR=Magenta]There’s a cracking link next - I howled laughing when I saw it![/COLOR]

Direct link to Photo Gallery:


[B][COLOR=Blue]Save the Children
1 St. John’s Lane
London EC1M 4AR
Update July 2008



Hat labels can be printed in black/white and if you are donating a number of hats, please put your name on one label and if possible, please ask friends to let them add their names to your hats.

Example - you’ve knitted 6 hats and are sending them in one parcel.

If your friends agree to your adding their name to the appeal, please put their name on a label and attach it to a hat.
The idea is to get as many different names as possible because the labels are acting as signatures on a petition form.[/COLOR]

When you’ve used up your stock of friends/family, pop the unlabelled hats into your package for posting.

[COLOR=Red]The charity hasn’t said this but please ask your friends for permission before using their name and their address and do, please, [B]double check with them about giving out their email address.[/B]
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


I was watching the Paul O’Grady show yesterday when he put out an appeal for knitters - says he’s learning to knit himself :guyknitting:(a likely story! - he’ll get Buster to do it).

Save the Children need knitted hats for newborn babies in Tibet, Kenya and South Africa.

Update - latest pictures broadcast 11 April on Paul’s TV Show:

Save the Children have a knitting pattern available as a PDF - here

The hats can be knitted in any colour you like, except white please (it’s a colour that can symbolise death in some African and Asian countries) and can be sent direct to Save the Children at their London address given with the pattern.


Save the Children are now asking people to put up posters for this project so that more knitters get involved.

Link here
I think it would be great to know how many KH-ers make these little hats - so please pop your name on this thread when you’ve sent off your hat - maybe take a photograph as well. I’d love to see what everyone’s made. :cheering: :yay:


Ellie :knitting:

Hi ,

Thanks for posting this .
I will do some and send them off inbetween other projects. It is for such a good cause . Poor things need so much and i know that a hat or two will not make a massive difference but if lots of people send then i am sure it will help these poor children greatly .
Thank you for the Link Ellie .

Thanks very much for your kind help with this project Rita - you’re right - it might not seem there’s much difference to be made knitting one or two hats but one or two hats can quickly turn into … 102, 1002 … when people chip in.

I’m contacting Save the Children to see if they have distribution centres in the Cape Province of South Africa, where the weather is bitterly cold during the winter.

It’s also damn cold from April to August in Johannesburg - 6,000ft above sea-level.

All Best Wishes


Is amazing such a little thing can make the difference between life and death of an infant. I will be making some hats and sending them to London. Thanks for the info.

here is a picture of the first hat I have completed. used lion brand microspun and used a pattern from their web site.

cast on for the newborn size (72 stitches)

Will make a few more before sending them off to London

forgot to mention that I added the I-cord so the hat is easy to pull off the baby’s head

I’m sure I’ve got a hat I’ve already made that came out small/baby size…I must have a look.

Hi Karina

[COLOR=Magenta]Thank you so much for making that lovely little hat - it’s gorgeous!

[COLOR=Black]I love that cute i-cord idea - very neat - I hadn’t thought of doing one, so I might give it a try!

Many thanks again for your kind help - it’s very much appreciated!

All Best Wishes


Get busy mooching for that hat, Jen - or you’ll have to forfeit Rita’s pink puppy! :teehee:


Nooooooo! :pout:

Here it is…

And with my hand…

Do you think it’s ok?

DQ I love your hat, very nice. Mine looks kind off small but i followed the directions and when laid down the flat it measures just over 6 inches so that makes it just over 12 inches circumference which will stretch to 13-14 inches, which is the measurements given for a newborn on another site.

all babies will obviously be different so some will have smaller heads and some bigger. I am now doing another hat same cast on but have upped the needles to a 4mm to see what difference it makes in the size.

I realize the tiltle of post says Brits and I am no brit but Can I help???

I have a few hats I did recently that are newborn size! Plus I have casted on just now with pattern from the Save The Children website. I am using yarn that was generously donated to me for charity knitting by a very kind lady here on KH (Shandeh) some of it is fingering but I guess I can still use it if I hold 2 or 3 strands together right? Would that be ok?

DQ your hat is beautiful!!!

I always want to try color work but can never seem to get the cast on done!

Thanks! :oops: Here’s the pattern -->

it’s really easy to knit, it was the first colourwork thing I did I think! I just had a bit of a sizing issue as I didn’t use the right weight of yarn. It’ll all be ok now though because the hat will be going to a good cause :mrgreen:

Thank you for the link.

Hi bajanKnit I think Save the Children would welcome all hats, the more the better.
As far as I could tell there was no restrictions on what yarn you use, I could not get the gauge they quoted so found a pattern I could follow for a new born. now I know what size the hat should be it should not be to difficult to make it with any size yarn just add or take away stitches to make it the right size.


Doesn’t matter a bit if you’re not a Brit!

You’re very welcome and thank you for contributing - in fact, if you’ve got some of Shandeh’s yarn, I’d say it was compulsory - can’t have part of her stash sitting there idle! :teehee:- she’ll want it used.

I’m sure using the fingering weight yarn in the way you’ve said will be absolutely fine; [COLOR=Magenta]so many thanks again to both you and Shandeh.[/COLOR]

Best Wishes


Hi Jen

Do I think the hat is ok? - No, definitely NOT - it’s more than ok - it’s lovely.

I’ve had a look at the pattern you kindly posted and it’s a very easy way to work with two colours. (BTW It doesn’t matter if there’s some white in the hat, it’s just an all-white hat that Save the Children can’t use.)

Many thanks for the gorgeous hat and for posting the pattern link.

Hi Karina,

Thanks very much for posting the very useful info. about the knitting sizes.

All the Best


Hi , Well i just love that hat Jen :slight_smile: It is lovely .
I am glad that this thread has started to take off . . It is for a wonderful cause .
I will be casting on for my first one in a couple of days .:slight_smile:

I’m in:cheering: How’s this? This is Fair Isle so it will be extra warm.