Saturday Market Bag

Anyone want to play with me? I have grand plans to make several of these. I think they would be great as grocery bags (especially if you live in San Francisco), beach bags, pool bags, have in the car bags and for hauling home new loot from the yarn store.

The original pattern is from Magknits:

I am using this variation:

There are some older posts (here), that also include making a little pouch to to fold the bag into.


I loove that bag! I would love to join! i will have to wait until Sat. to get yarn, I get paid on Fri!! Can’t wait to start although I will probably need a little help once I get to the handles but that’s what KAL’s are for right?

Yeah! Thanks for joining. This is the first KAL I have posted and I was afraid no one would play.

I am using the Brown Sheep Cotton fleece, but I also have some Hempathy at home that I want to try. Come to think of it, I also have some Paton’s Grace (cotton) at home too. I see many bags in my future.


That looks like it would make an awesome swim bag for the girls’ swimming lessons! :slight_smile: I wonder if you could knit the whole thing in the round, though? Any thoughts?

I want to play! I’m also wondering about knitting it in the round…

From what I have read, it has been done in the round (with the pocket on the bottom). The lace pattern needs to be worked over an odd number of stitches (I think).

If you do a search in the FO fourm, a couple of ideas should come up.


I was wondering the SAME thing…
I hate seaming. there has to be a better way. I’ll have to think about it.

I want to make a market bag too. I think I’ll have to join!
Now to find some yarn. Do you think that peaches or sugar ‘n’ cream would work well?

I also would like some thoughts/suggestions on fiber for the bag. The pattern uses Cotton Fleece which is 80% Pima Cotton/20% Merino. Maybe the merino gives it a little more elasticity than 100% cotton? I want to try my hemp/linen blend, mostly because I don’t know what else to do with it.

Since I have already started knitting mine flat (as one piece) I will have to seam the sides. Suggestions on how to do this? Mattress Stitch? Would something else be more durable?


hmm… i think i’ll be buying the peach/sugar/cream cheap cotton because it’s listed as an alternate yarn on the original pattern page.

it looks like a really quick knit so i might have to put my pom socks on hold…

monogamy schomogamy…

I’m just going to use some Bernat Cotton Tots from my stash. If I like it, I might make one in a better color from the Brown Sheep yarn. Can’t argue with stash yarn, though!

I just finished my third repeat using the variation you posted and I’m already not looking forward to the seaming. :roll: I guess that’s what I get for my impatience to start! :teehee:

I think I’ve figured out how to avoid seaming.

I’m going to do a provisional cast on (turkish cast on) and then work it in the round. I really don’t think it will be too bad at all. I’ll knit the first whole round I think and then start the pattern, but i’ll leave off the extra stitches. start with YO on the first row, and then for the second round make sure the stitches i’m dropping are the yarn over ones. 3rd round, i’ll knit one before the YO…

I’m hoping it will work. If not, my backup plan is to again do the provisional cast on and then knit each half as though it were a separate piece. (following the pattern exactly except knitting the purl rows).

I tried some test pieces tonight and I think it’s going to work. :crosses fingers:

I think I’m going to give this a shot tonight :slight_smile: looks like fun!

Since you are knitting in the round you will have a tube shape. Are you planning on just seaming the bottom? The only way I have read about the bag done in the round, was to knit a rectangular bottom first and then pick up stitches and start knitting in the round.


Wow, everyone is on there way and I haven’t even gotten my yarn yet. TOmrrow, Tomorrow!!! :cheering:

I’m going to work it like the toes of socks (without the increases). Check out this turkish cast on tutorial. It’ll look like i used kitchener stitch…

i hope that makes sense…

Count me in. I’ve had some balls of S&C in my stash for MONTHS now and I haven’t figured out what to do with them.

I’m going to work it like the toes of socks (without the increases). Check out this turkish cast on tutorial. It’ll look like i used kitchener stitch…

i hope that makes sense…[/quote]

So… when knitting in the round you are starting at the top of the bag? Am I understanding that correctly?


no. i’m going to start at the bottom.

I’ll post some pics once I get going…

I started using a purty blue Cascade Sierra… anyone see a reason why I can’t just do 12 repeats and fold it in half so I only seam the sides? I just think it would look better that way… then I can still pick up stitches as normal…