Saturday Market Bag seam?

The huge lacy style of the bag is really open, and it was really hard and took a loooong time for me to finish, so I really don’t want to make an otherwise awesome bag look really crappy/amateurish by making a bad seam. What type of seam do you all suggest for it? (I know we have a knit-along, but I haven’t gotten any replies in it so I figured I’d try over here…)

:smiley: Thanks

Bump …

Thanks! I know a lot of people made this bag, and a lot of other people have asked this question (even in the Knit-along thread) yet no one seems to answer…
So after a bump, anyone have ideas?


I just found that pattern today and was wondering how to do that too! I was looking for just this type of bag but really wondered how the finishing was going to work. . . Sadly, I can’t answer your question but you are not the only one who is wondering about this!

I wish I could help! I feel bad when I see that no one’s answered… maybe you could PM one of the people from the knitalong? I did it in the round, from the top down, with a 3NBO for the bottom, so I’m no help whatsoever…

I made the bag with the sides seams (and started the knit along) and used a sort of mattress stitch to seam the sides. It is probably not right, but it works, is invisible and the bag has held up. Really, I just winged it and it came out fine.