Saturday Market Bag help

Hmm… I thought I was doing good. I modified the pattern for the Saturday Market Bag to knit in the round. It was going really fast and my bag was half done…

Then I notice I had dropped a stitch. I tried to put it back… no luck. Then I tried to :frog: back to where I had dropped the stitch… I never could get back to a point where I knew where I was. I assume this is because all of the dropping of the yo’s. Had to :frog: :frog: :frog: the whole thing!

Started all over and more frogging! Any suggestions for going back a row or two if I need to?

This may be one where you have to go back one stitch at a time.

Lifeline. When you’ve completed a row and you know it’s correct up to that point, run a piece of yarn through the stitches on the needle. Thread it on a tapestry needle and just slide it through all the stitches and leave it there.

If you happen to need to frog back, that will hold the stitches in place. Do it periodically–after every repeat of the pattern rows, or whenever you feel like having a backup.

Thanks Ingrid! I will definitely do that!

Also, if you find a dropped stitch somewhere along the line, and it doesn’t make a difference in the pattern (and wouldn’t in a bag) you can just secure it to the inside with a piece of yarn. It won’t run anymore, and you probably won’t miss it.