Satah Hatton, garter stitch jacket HELP ME!

This pattern is from “10 simple projects for cosy babies” by Sarah hatton.
I am doing a jacket.
I am not understading the next instructions:

Before the next instructions I have done 1 increase ( 1 at each end) so i have 33 stitches.
“Increase 1 stitch at each end of 1 following 4th rows, then on 8 following 6th rows. 51 stitches.”

So i need to increase by 18 stitches. I get that. But i dont get the reference to the 4th rows and 6th rows…
Please help
Thanks alot, i am really stuck!!!

You have the row you’re on with 33 stitches. Let’s call that Row 0. So, increase on each end of the 4th row after that. “End of 1 following” means you just do it once.
Row 1: no increase
Row 2: no increase
Row 3: no increase
Row 4: increases

So now you have to increase at the ends of every 6th row and you’re going to do it 8 times.

Row 5: no increase
Row 6: no increase
Row 7: no increase
Row 8: no increase
Row 9: no increase
Row 10: increases

You should have 52 more rows when you stop the increasing section (4x1 + 6x8).

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Thanks so much, the explanations are not very good in the booklet.
Have a good Sunday.