Sassenach Cowl

So, got me a new book last week… and saw a pattern with #50 needles!! :slight_smile: I thought… I should try that… so … did this, this evening… Man… knitting with these was like knitting with rolling pins… :smile:

I could probably have hunted some vampires with these things… :slight_smile:


Woah what a pair of spears :sweat_smile: looks fun though

I had thought about buying a pair of #50 needles to make a blanket with. I have not yet, however. But I still think about it.

How far are you on the cowl?

I love knitting with size 50’s!!! I have knitted a whole bunch of afghans using 4 strands of Lion Brand Homespun together.

It takes some getting used to but it is fun!!



I always say that’s like knitting with bats. :joy:

BTW…I saw Sassenach and immediately thought Outlander!! lol


I got it all done (2nd picture) … the wife loves it… she says it keeps here warm at work! :slight_smile:


Well done!
Those #50 needles are something else. It’s still knitting but I’ve found I need to use the needles in a very different way and work slooowly.

I bought the 50s with a 60 inch cord for extreme throws and blankets. Haven’t knitted one yet, but some day…

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Me too! :grinning:

That’s great! :grinning:

I’ve got size 50 circs too. Not with a cord as long as yours, but still able to knit big projects!!!


Honestly the biggest I’ve knit with was a US 15 when I was making some slippers to felt. :slight_smile:

I’ve thought about using the giant ones to make one of those neat big cabled afghans. Maybe someday.

Those were the size needles I learned how t knit on when I was 13 years old. I made a hat and scarf set.

Wow, I love knitting cowls and I knit better with big needles. Can you tell me which pattern book it was?

It looks like this book @pslane
"Highland Knits":

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Thanks, salmonmac!

Sorry I didn’t see your reply until now, that is, in fact, the book I’m using :slight_smile:

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Hi Norman. I am trying to figure out the difference in that cowl and the one here:

Wow that does look a lot like it … :slight_smile: let me see if I can tell the difference…

I looks to be the same… from what I can see from the online version… it uses the same size needles, yarn and is by the same person.

This is my exact pattern:

And those pictures look the same as the one at amazon.