I live in the southwest corner of the province. There aren’t too many knitters near me, which is why I’m teaching my students to knit!


I’m not from there, but so much of my family is in Sask., I miss it :pout: . I hope you find some fellow knitters near by! :hug:

I also live in Saskatchewan. I am closer to central Sask. though and just wanted to let you know that yes, there are other knitters out here!

Hello, I’ve just joined in and am glad to see another Saskatchewanian here, too ! I wanted to start a little knitting group here with some co-workers and then…I ended up having carpal tunnel surgery last week and so…it’s on the back burner, for now. This is a great way to talk to other knitters from all over…I love it! Let’s keep in touch.

Hi everyone, I am also from saskatchewan, I live in saskatoon, I’ve been knitting and crocheting and lots of other types of needlework for a long time, I really love to knit baby things and love to crochet doilies. They are getting to be a thing of the past but I still love them. hope we get to chat often about what is on our needles, right now it is a pair of mitts and soon a little top for a granddaughter