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Hello everyone You can call me Sasa. This blog is also linked to the site raverly ( I’m 12-13 years old. and i live in malta. i go to a knitting course cause i’m still a beginner. I finished my basics :smiley: :woohoo: and the progect i’m starting now are bed socks i bought multi coloured yarn for it. blue-ish gray. feel free to post or send private messages to me. i TRY to come online everyday because with school and stuff. thanks for looking bye for now.
Theese are my basics:

Welcome to KH…

This is the yarn colour i picked for the short legged bed socks:

Thankyou :smiley: i’ve got some other yarn upstairs i’ll go and get it

This is the other multi wild coloured yarn but i’m not gona use it for this progect:

That’s pretty yarn! Welcome to KH, Sasa!


Thankyou i started my bed socks yesterday after i left from here 48 stitches and i did 7 rows i need to do 33 !!!

Yay i did 33 rows in two days :smiley: now on tuesday my miss will teach me how to continue they came very nice not 1 mistake :D:D:D

Welcome to Blogland!

thanks for a minute i thought am i on the right site then i fegured out blog land hehe i thought kinda lego land :stuck_out_tongue: 10x

1 sock is nearly ready just a couple of more rows and i have one sock then i have to begin my other yay


sry forgot to post 1 sock is ready but i’m stilll starting the other cause the same thing happened after 7 rows i did mistakes :S confusing but today i’m gona go to my gran’s place and i have all the time of the world to knit there :smiley: thats really great and right now my sis hurt her foot and she is using that sock to keep her warm cause she can’t wear shoes and it’s really comfy :smiley: yay i’m gona attach a photo of the sock
you like?:

i used the invisible seam trick and them put in on the inside so it’s flipped and from the outside you see nothing :smiley:

Very nice! :thumbsup:

pretty good! 1st sox or no?

yes it’s my first sock and now i’m doing the other but i’m finding it difficult cause i’m doing mistakes in some rows i already re-began for 2 times now i’m not gona begin again i only have 1 roq mistake. and i got my grandpa to make me thoose sock holders a peice of wood in a shape of a sock it’s really good when i have chance i’ll take a photo of it

bdw i’ve begun a new blog i thought it’s better everything in a neat site feel free to visit i’ll still visit here and update here aswell:

thankyou :smiley:

my first sox came out MUCH worse. (sorry i MEANT worse)