Sara Smiles Project (Lapghans for Nursing Home)

A woman on one of the lists I subscribe to tragically lost her niece, Sara, just after Thanksgiving. She was 11. Sara had just learned to knit, and had completed her first scarf. She wanted to make scarves for all the residents of the local nursing home. Her Aunt Sue, who had taught her to knit, was going to teach her how to make lapghans, which would be more practical for nursing home residents.

In Sara’s memory, her aunt has started the Sara Smiles Project. She is collecting squares for lapghans as well as completed lapghans. They will be donated to the nursing home in Sara’s name. They’re still working out all the details, and she said they’re planning on getting things going after the holidays.

Her blog: Sara Smiles Project

Thank you!!

What a sad story!

We’ll definitely have to remember this project.