Santa Fe Wrap instructions

Hi everyone out there! I am TRYING to crochet this wrap but am having a little problem! Well, maybe BIG problem! I’ve completed the back, and am working on the left front. I’ve done the piece to measure 18", have done the “next row” (58 sts), leaving 6 sts unworked and done the next row "ch2, turn, hdc in each st across. This is where I’m stuck…repeat last 2 rows twice (46)sts. Does this mean that when I repeat the first time, I’ll end up with 52 sts, leaving 6 unworked, then end up with 46 sts on the 2nd repeat, again leaving 6 sts unworked???

AND THEN!!! on the “Right Front”…how do I do the reversing neck shaping???

Sorry for all the confusion, but I just KNOW someone out there will understand me!!! :muah:

You’ve got it. That’s exactly right. When you repeat the rows you’ll work 6 fewer sts each time. The left front is worked with the right side (public side, RS) facing you but you’ll just work the right front with the wrong side facing you. The same sequence of sts will happen, work to the last 6sts, turn and work back and then repeat.
It’s a very good looking pattern. I hope we get to see a photo of the finished project.

Thank you so much! If it comes out even remotely resembling the pic in the instructions, I will surely post it!
Happy knitting/crocheting!