Sandy SCORES at Michaels!

Tonight, after I finished teaching piano lessons, I decided to stop at Michael’s on the way home to see if they had anything on sale. Good thing I did!

Look what I found - 10 skeins of Patons Grace (Beautiful, soft 100% mercerized cotton) at $2.00 a skein! :happydance: :happydance:

Needless to say, I bought them ALL. :wink:

It’s good for making socks, baby items, and summer weight tops.

Cool! :thumbsup:

Ohhh! I wish I’d been there - I love Grace. :slight_smile:

It was definitely luck. I found them FAR away from the yarn section, on the clearance aisle, in a basket on the bottom shelf. I pulled out the basket and nearly dropped it when I saw the yarn. I couldn’t believe my luck. Such a pretty color too - Apricot.

I was just at Michaels and had no such luck! :doh: Good for you! It’s pretty!

Great haul!!! I’ve never looked at yarn at Michael’s before…maybe I should!

My Michaels usually has mill-end Homespun on sale and other yarns best discarded. :wink: You lucked out!!! :happydance:

I have NEVER found any “buyable” yarn in Michaels! Maybe there is hope for all of us. Good for you–a great haul! :smiley:

What a great deal! I just used Paton’s Grace in black to make a bucket hat. If I may say so, it came out really nice! From your picture, it looks like maybe it is an old label. Paton’s probably changed the label design.


If you have a Cargo Largo around you, I have found bags of Grace for 20.00 for 10 balls. I didn’t buy it, cause Lord knows I have enough yarn, but it was there along with bags of Lion’s Brand Yarn (and not crappy stuff either).

That is an awesome deal! Do you know what you’re going to do with it yet?

carolina red:
You teach piano? Awsome !
Do you think a 4 yr old is teachable or no? I tried to get my daughter a good teacher last year but she declined to teach anyone who is younger than 6.

I can usually find something to buy at Michaels. Whether I should or shouldn’t. Great haul!

:smiley: Nice haul! I had thought about using Grace on a top for my gd, but, I couldn’t find any!

:frowning: My Michael’s didn’t have it on clearance…

I got some Bernat Softee Baby at Michaels yesterday. Love that stuff! And yes it IS full of Homespun. Someone must be buying it. :rollseyes:

Well, I’ve been pondering what to make with that nice cotton yarn. :thinking:

I’m leaning toward using it for a baby dress for my new granddaughter. :XX:

Yes, I am a piano teacher. I also teach voice.

The piano teacher you spoke to is a “traditional” teacher. I am not. I am willing to teach any student that is interested, knows left and right, 1 2 3 4 5, and A B C D E F G.

I have taught students as young as 4, and they learned quickly! The books I use for young ones are called “Piano Party” by Bastien. It’s a really cool piano method.

I’m sorry Nina! Better luck next time. :crying: