Sandal - toe thong pattern

Has anyone seen a knitted sandal (toe thong) pattern? Berroco has one, but it’s not what I want.


Did you see this?

Have you seen these or these?

The LionBrand link shared above is actually crochet, not knit, but it is very cute! :smiley:

i am so freakishly into the tabi socks i can’t stand it. i don’t know WHY i have an overwhelming need to make them but i doooo! if i EVER get this blanket done! :rollseyes:

(i hate having to be monogamous to a project!) :mad:

Bren… is this the same blanket as the one you were struggeling with when we met or did you just feel like tortuing yourself again? :??


LOL, Bren, you couldn’t make it as me then :roflhard: :rofling: I am the lone monogamous knitter :smiley: …well, I’m sure there are others around somewhere :shock:

lol no this is a new one…the baby for the first blanket is born and will get his blanket on easter…this one is for a baby due in June…12 inches done…about 24 more to go! :rollseyes:

Thanks everyone. I love the tabi socks.


Dee did you see mine? I’ve made two pair and have pix…
And there are some good tips from Samm who just made some.
I LOVE them! They’re so funny. Look at them here:

Or under Knitting As Torture.

I love your’s, Vic…I have to make some :smiley:

thanks Rebecca! :happydance:

Is this toe thong the one you saw on Berroco?

Vic, the pictures of the tabi socks with all the color were the best. Wowie!

Thanks to you all for the info.


Your welcome Dee!!! :thumbsup: